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Zelros – The Insurance Copilot™: Empowering Agents Now
Zelros recognized as a Cool vendor in the 2023 Gartner® Cool Vendors™  in the Insurtechs Adding GenAI Report
Introducing The Insurance Copilot : Empower your agents with insurance-specialized Gen AI.
Meet us at Guidewire Connections 2023
Gen AI: why does simple Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) not work for insurance?
Generative AI and LLMs in Insurance: Common Risks and Proven Mitigation Tactics
Is your personalized insurance recommendation game on point? 
Meet Zelros at ITC Vegas 2023
Implementing a data visualization feature in a B2B SaaS product within the Generative AI era: How to overcome obstacles to deliver powerful insights.
E-book: Transforming Insurance with Generative AI and Personalized Experiences
Zelros enables insurance companies to extend targeted recommendations to SMB owners
Webinar: Accelerate your lead conversion process with Generative AI and Compelling Touchpoints
Driving Innovation in Insurance: The Power of Partnering with Microsoft
Measuring the ROI of Innovative Insurance Technologies: A Case Study by Zelros
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Accelerate your lead conversion process with Generative AI and Compelling Touchpoints
The Future Of Customer Insights Will Power Next Best Experiences
Inspire a Fresh Burst of Customer Delight with the New Zelros Cherry Blossom Product Release
Amping Female Voices in An Industry Primed for It
Why Zero Party Data Sharing Fits Your Customers Like a Glove
Generative AI: The Next Frontier In Personalized Insurance
MAIF expands partnership with Zelros to leverage AI for agent effectiveness to drive better customer experience
2023 Insurance Innovation Tradeoffs? None.
The New Zelros Product Release Helps Insurers Stay Customer-Obsessed at the Point of Sale
How to improve customer acquisition and retention through explainable propensity scores
How insurers can plan for the looming recession – Q&A with Karim Hirji, CFO and Canada Managing Director at Intact Venture
Zelros Announces Integration with Guidewire HazardHub Data into its Insurance Recommendation Engine to Bring Better Risk Assessment at the Point of Sale
Accelerate risk assessment in an omni-channel distribution model
4 Reasons why insurance CMOs love Insurtech right now.
The Future of Insurance is at InsureTech Connect; Insurance Leaders Zelros, Quility & Insurance Supermarket Inc. are Enriching the Lives of Policyholders
Zelros Recommendation engine at ITC Vegas 2022 | Booth 3253
New economic climate, new insurance prioritiesAdaptability, Insights, Digital CX and Capital Efficiency; Key to Survival
Creating Power Partnerships in InsurTech
Hackathon – A different way to tackle challenges!
How Good Are You At Growing Your Insurance Business In a Riskier World?
45% CSR Agent Turnover Rate – What Is The Insurance Industry Missing?
The Top Emerging Technology Investments In Insurance In 2022 – Forrester Report
New Zelros Brand Ambassador Has You Covered
Zelros at Insurtech Insights, New York
Leocare & Zelros, a partnership built to simplify user and customer experience.
Simplify First Notice of Loss with Zelros’ New Guidewire Marketplace App
It’s about time the insurance industry gets personal with customers
The New Zelros Product Release Helps Insurers Grow Their Industry Reputations as Trusted Life Advisors by Connecting Deeply with Customers
How to grow property and casualty insurance premiums and manage risk at the point of sale
Partnerships: Capitalizing on the Insurance Distribution of the Future
Artificial Intelligence for the benefit of customer relations: Matmut Group partners with the software provider Zelros
Build More Customer Trust and Profitability with Responsible AI Governance
AssurOne strengthens its partnership with Zelros and speeds up the insurance underwriting process
5 tips to choose your Next Best Offer (NBO) solution
Zelros: Celebrating 2021 Growth from Every Angle
How the Capgemini-Zelros Partnership is a Win for Insurers
Zelros alongside HDI Assicurazioni to accelerate the digitization of processes
Bancassurers: Their favourite strategies to capture new market shares
Zelros Continues to Reimagine the World of Insurance With its New Cinnamon Roll Release
4 Scary Customer Experience Realities in Insurance
5 tips to choose a powerful OCR software in 2021
Zelros Receives The 2021 European Technology Innovation Leadership Award  From Frost & Sullivan for Helping Insurance Companies Enhance Customer Experience and Personalization with their AI Platform
How AI is Helping Reach the Underbanked and the Uninsured
Zelros Appoints New US-Based Board of Director Skip Glass, CMO Linh Ho and Strategic Alliances Director Ann Musgrave
Towards a climate-friendly usage of AI in insurance
How to improve customers’ digital buying journey
Hacking Insurance AI algorithms with the French regulator
Insurance Marketing and Distribution Reimagined
Insurers: the rise of partnerships with AI specialist vendors
Three ways the insurance industry can adopt AI responsibly
Summer is coming, time for Bossa Nova!
What’s new in Capgemini 2021 World Insurance Report?
How AI Is Moving Distribution Forward
Zelros Raises $11 Million in Series A Funding to Bring AI-Powered  Responsible Insurance Distribution to North America
Announcing the latest version of Zelros open standard for a more responsible AI
Reaching a 360 view of policyholders needs with AI based Life Events
5 benefits of a MLOps culture
Zelros among the 20 French AI Startups to watch, according to Sifted
Zelros selected to be part of  the INSURTECH100 2020 list
7 ways to foster a fair and responsible AI in insurance services
A pathway to insurance process automation with Artificial Intelligence solutions
Zelros to participate in World InsurTech Report by Capgemini and EFMA
Zelros: Towards a better version of work
Why Automation is the Next Frontier of Enterprise AI
“Europe has the capabilities to take ownership of its own Artificial Intelligence”
Learning From the Lockdown to Make Enterprise Software Sales a Better Experience for Customers
AssurOne relies on Zelros to move forward in the automatic document recognition and reading
Insurance: Zelros is making its voice heard
AI for Insurance: 4 Trends to Watch in 2020
The Four Maturity Levels of Automated Machine Learning: Towards Domain Specific AutoML
An Open Standard for Ethical Enterprise-Grade AI