Zelros – The Insurance Copilot™: Empowering Agents Now

Zelros – The Insurance Copilot™: Empowering Agents Now

You might have caught wind of The Insurance Copilot™—if not, let’s remedy that!

Zelros unites insurance team members, be they in call centers, working as agents, in data labs, or focused on marketing. It’s a space where information seamlessly flows in real-time, structured for optimal accessibility. More than just maximizing productivity and saving time, it’s a hub where personalized recommendations are instantly pushed and analyzed, consistently enhancing operational efficiency, customer experience, and risk management.

Now, what’s the deal with an insurance copilot? Picture your most reliable buddy—an insurance expert aiding you in real-time, offering recommendations, and answering your questions. Essentially, it’s about better protecting and serving your policyholders!

So, what’s Zelros’s secret sauce for creating The Insurance Copilot™? While we can’t spill all our secrets, here’s the scoop:

  • Our insurance expertise enables us to empower specifically insurance agents, financial advisors, and customer service reps who bear the weight of customer interactions daily. 
  • We safely leverage Generative AI and have hands-on experience with cutting edge LLMs. Zelros goes beyond providing answers like a typical large language model-based chatbot. Instead, it dynamically empowers agents with the necessary expertise, synthesizing insights, documents, and user feedback to provide not only answers but also proposed actions. Moreover, our enduring partnership with Microsoft allows us to leverage their resources, expertise, and access to cutting-edge LLMs.

“Why should I get an insurance copilot?” you ask. 

  • Complexity of Insurance Products: Insurance products have always been, and continue to be, highly complex. Customers often struggle to grasp the intricacies of their policies, while agents are faced with the growing demand to deliver superior experiences.
  • Centralization for Enhanced Operations: Zelros offers a centralized solution for your data, intelligence, and client interactions. Everything you need to enhance customer experiences, cross-sell, upsell, address queries, and provide recommendations—all in one place.
  • Zelros Mission: Zelros is designed to assist agents in making quick, informed decisions, boosting overall productivity, and ultimately serving policyholders better. It serves as a constant companion, supporting agents through every task and customer interaction, providing guidance and assistance.
  • Empowering Agents: Agents deserve the best solutions to perform at their best. The Zelros is tailored to be the cream of the crop, empowering agents to excel in their roles and meet the demands placed on them.

Still not convinced you need to adopt The Insurance Copilot™? We are! Let’s delve into all the capabilities that Zelros offers:

  • Smart Notes Taking and Voice Recording: Take notes, and let AI assist you in discovering clients’ needs for better data collection and needs assessment.
  • Intelligent Insurance Recommendations: Zelros assists you in real-time with the best prevention and protection recommendations, risk assessment, and analysis—real-time coaching with personalized advice.
  • Gen AI Real-Time Decision Support: Navigate the future of accessing any information, individual contracts, coverages, claim status, processes… ! 
  • Zele to Assist in Daily Insurers Tasks: Request your favorite copilot’s help with daily tasks such as interview summaries, email writing, daily reports, objection support, meeting preparations, objection handling, suggestions, and more! 

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