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Infrastructure Agnostic - Low-Code – Data maturity acceleration

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Accelerate data maturity roadmap
Augment the value of existing tech investments
Scale with an API-first & low-code platform
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Achieve IT agility with responsible AI & security compliance

Accelerate data strategy and analytics maturity

Have full confidence in your customer data to drive actionable insights,
offer responsible policy recommendations and allow for the closed loop ML
to continuously learn for more precision over time

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• Assess any data gaps and data integrity issues quickly to ensure completeness and consistency
• Unify relevant data silos to bring actionable customer insights
Strengthen your zero and 1st party data with live customer input via simple questions and preferences
• Enrich customer profiles with 3rd party data to provide a holistic view of the client before recommending products

Augment the value of existing tech investments with an infrastructure agnostic approach

Contribute to higher quote conversion rates by incorporating your existing model and score with Zelros third-party data for actionable insights and product recommendations
Notify new opportunities and receive instant feedback to keep training your powerful model
• Make the cross-functional collaboration process easier by integrating recommendations natively into other teams’ preferred software, such as Salesforce, Dynamics, Hubspot, Pega, Applied systems, Adobe, Guidewire and more
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Scale with an API-first and low-code platform

Enable business team to customize their workflows easily regardless of their technical skills in the same platform, speed up production time to market by 10 times
Offer tremendous agility to the business owners so that they can monitor, steer and tweak their customer engagement and distribution strategies at their fingertips.
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Comply to the ISO-27001 standard

Zelros is trusted by leading financial service company that perform regular information security & privacy audits. Zelros is an ISO/IEC 27001-certified company!

Get a bias report of your data to see if your model is the working to provide the right recommendation

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“Since 2015, we have been diversifying our products[…]. We decided to use Zelros, which uses AI to improve the customer experience and new use cases. AI provides recommendations directly in Salesforce with explanations of our insurance policies. And very importantly, it integrates a feedback loop from the agents who determine whether the AI recommendation was useful”

David Quantin,
General Director, CIO - Matmut

Show how data team can push their score
across sales and marketing team

Explore Zelros solutions for digital and agent distribution channels:


Solution for Agents Distribution

Zelros streamlines the insurance sales process by using its artificial intelligence platform to help agents find the most suitable products for their clients directly within their existing CRM.


Solution for digital distribution

Zelros helps your campaign to speak your products in consumers’ languages. We fight the insurance protection gap by proactively educating consumers away from buying the lowest-priced coverage to buying the best protection.

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