About us

Founded in 2016 by Christophe Bourguignat, Fabien Vauchelles and Damien Philippon, Zelros is a B2B independent software vendor developing Artificial Intelligence for insurance and bank insurance players.

Zelros’ mission is to enable insurance players to revolutionize and re-enchant their relationship with their customers by letting them take ownership of AI.

Zèle, Our mascott

Owl about us

I'm Zèle


2016 in Paris, France


Paris, Montréal, New York


$16.5 million from BGV, ISAI Cap Venture, Plug and Play, Hi Inov, 42CAP, and astorya.vc


Zelros organizes each year the biggest European machine learning challenge : Data Science Olympics
We believe that tomorrow’s leading insurers will be first of all technology companies, offering an outstanding customer experience. And Zelros will be at their side.We are driven by ambitious goals and thanks to our collective work we empower humans with explainable AI

Christophe Bourguignat - Zelros’ Co-founder and CPTO

Our Values



It’s because we are ambitious for Zelros and for ourselves, thateach one of us aims at being a thought leader in his/her field of expertise and that we live our job with passion.


It is by challenging ourselves that we are progressing, encouraged by the caring and daring culture that governs all exchanges among co-workers. We know that success is necessarily the result of a collective effort.


Trust is at the heart of how Zelros works. Trust is the cement that unites us all: clients, partners and ourselves. It is under this condition that our AI will be sustainably accepted and used.

A recognized European leader in AI Software


Among the 19 startups which received the ScaleUp label worldwide


2019 Winner EIT Digital Challenge


Organizer The Datascience Olympics


We act in Microsoft Factory


Founding member