Zelros :

the Best
for Insurers

Empowering forward-looking insurance players with an insurance specialized AI business platform


Compliance & Security

Run on our secure cloud and on-premise, with enterprise-level data anonymization, traceability and regulation compliance (IDD, GDPR)

IT System Integration

Connect seamlessly to your existing ecosystem through fast integrations with our partners Salesforce, Microsoft 365, Guidewire, ...

Data Connectivity

Ingest nearly any kind of data (claims, quotes, voice calls, underwriting documents, ...) thanks to connectors and insurance-specific data schemas


From cover subscription to claim handling, deploy and monitor critical AI-driven processes in production, without compromising on fraud detection

Ready to Use

100% Insurance Specialized

Empowering Humans


A unique set
of powerful features


Unlock new relevant knowledge from every live conversation

Capture critical information from voice conversations between policyholders and insurance advisors, or contact center representatives.
Thanks to Zelros insurance-specialized NLU (Natural Language Understanding), new contextualized recommendations are surfaced in real time, and at the end of the call, new detected information is automatically stored to enrich the CRM.



Automate document processing

Leverage computer vision to extract and understand key fields from insurance specific documents (accident report, insurance subscription forms, driving licence, …). Use them for process automation, including fraud detection.

Explainable Reinforcement Learning

Make relevant decisions with next generation AI scoring

Leverage ready-to-use, specialized data schemas, and advanced AutoML (Automated Machine Learning) to deploy new generation predictive scores at scale, within days instead of months.


AI Cockpit

Take full control of your sales strategy

Automatically prioritize products based on your strategic business priorities (number of subscriptions, revenue, product mix..).
Run simulations and A/B tests to analyze the business impacts of new AI settings.

Customized sales flow

Create the best selling experience for your clients

Target clients' life events, use questions to collect their needs and use selling points to highlight to them your offers' key values. You can create different flows depending on your advisor experience level (expert or novice).


Advanced Knowledge Management

Maintain and manage a high-quality knowledge base

Our tool provides :

Prediction of redundant, outdated and contradictory knowledge
Suggestion of new knowledge, based on documents and search history
Automated answers (originated from knowledge bases and topic classification)
Live suggestions on response wording to improve clarity, spelling, grammar, engagement and presentation
Utterance score quality and relevance

Smart Sonar

Predict the best action and decision, within the context of all interactions

Get instant contextualization of the customer profile based on data history, a summary of key data and analysis based on ML predictions for personalized answers to customer requests.


Skills Booster

Accelerate each advisor’s learning curve using challenges and results

Provide specific learning paths adapted to new or experienced advisors.
Define sets of missions and business goals to be achieved, and follow up each user's learning progress