Amber Wave – Surfing insurance innovation with the Zelros Studio

Amber Wave – Surfing insurance innovation with the Zelros Studio

In a world where insurance faces numerous uncertainties such as climate risks and inflation, flexibility and cost reduction have become essential for insurers. The Zelros Studio offers industry leaders real-time agility and control. Our no-code Studio enables marketing, business distribution, and technical teams to manage their projects directly, all while reducing development costs. With Zelros Studio, everything is accomplished simply and swiftly, ensuring short production times and seamless operations.

At Zelros, we understood early on that sector specialization—in our case, banking and insurance—would provide a major competitive advantage. With the ongoing revolution in Generative AI, it’s not easy for AI startups to navigate the competition and redefine their competitive edges. Vertical SaaS companies today illustrate several attractive commercial qualities, such as substantial market penetration potential, strong product retention, low churn rates, and significant commercial efficiency. At Zelros, we actively embody these positive attributes daily.

But Zelros is not just a technology provider; it’s a real asset for insurers seeking to gain and maintain a competitive advantage through increased business agility.

What does this mean concretely? Why does Zelros Studio really make a difference in the market?

  1. Reduction of IT Complexity

Horizontal software is often sold to IT teams, who then have to modify, configure, integrate, and personalize it to meet business needs. However, insurers’ needs evolve rapidly, influenced by new risks, changing regulations, dynamic marketing campaigns, and inflation. IT teams are often overwhelmed by a massive flow of change requests. Their ability to deliver becomes a real challenge, as each modification requires careful planning and rigorous validation. Meanwhile, business teams need to react quickly to adjust their communications, campaigns, and business rules, making time-to-market a priority. These two worlds, although deeply interconnected, do not always operate at the same pace, creating tension between the immediate needs of the business and the IT team’s capacity to provide solutions. Recognizing this dynamic, it’s essential to find a balance that allows the company to remain agile while ensuring effective technological integration.

To meet this challenge, Zelros envisioned a world where marketing and business teams could directly influence the tools they use, bypassing the long and complex project methodologies typically used by insurers. Following this vision, Zelros developed a no-code Studio, ready to use, eliminating these problems and delivering quick results within weeks, ensuring a rapid return on investment.

The Zelros Studio is a collaborative workspace where any expert can contribute effectively without relying on endless chains of Excel files or dense documentation. This approach not only simplifies updates and reduces the time and effort required by internal IT teams but also empowers insurance and banking experts by giving them the tools to manage everything themselves in the Studio, for more control and efficiency.

The no-code Studio from Zelros effectively tackles common barriers such as time constraints and the need for specialized expertise, which often hinder technology adoption in the financial services sector. By removing these obstacles, Zelros not only improves operational efficiency but also enhances customer satisfaction, demonstrating the tangible benefits of its specialized approach.

See for yourself how, in just two clicks, you can activate, modify in real-time, and monitor certified recommendation catalogs by Zelros for your use cases, such as:

  • Launching new products
  • Adapting risk assessment rules (especially in the face of climate changes)
  • Strengthening employee arguments to ensure better personalization
  • Quickly updating marketing and digital campaigns
  •  … and more!
  1. Optimizing Production Deployment

Zelros’s decision to focus on the financial services sector is strategic. This already complex sector greatly benefits from tailored solutions that meet its unique challenges without introducing additional complexity. By specializing, Zelros creates tools perfectly aligned with insurers’ specific regulatory, operational, and strategic needs, far surpassing the efficiency of broad-spectrum generic tools. Our targeted approach allows us to offer ready-to-use use cases specifically for banking and insurance, ranging from algorithm deployment and document classification to content enrichment and personalized recommendations. Moreover, if these ready-made solutions don’t perfectly suit you, it’s easy! You have control to modify and create infinitely with ease!

DEMO: Example of a Super-Fast Production Deployment

As soon as Large Language Models (LLMs) were made available to the public, we began collaborating with our insurance partners to develop more secure and specialized solutions we called “Magic Response”!

In the Zelros Studio, you can upload and modify your knowledge base, product catalog, documents… to get contextualized responses to your clients’ and/or collaborators’ requests!

Even more benefits?

  • Analysis and transcription of your most complex documents.
  • We ensure the quality of responses provided, free from errors, always sourced, and displayed for reference when needed.
  • Continuous improvement is one of our priorities; act in real-time to enhance content quality through a feedback loop system.
  1. Continuous improvement with each version

Zelros goes beyond specialization for the financial services sector, ensuring the Studio constantly evolves, allowing our clients to benefit from the latest technological innovations while keeping their needs and security and operational requirements in mind.

Furthermore, at Zelros, we collaborate with insurers like AXA, BPCE, MAIF, and Matmut on innovative projects to help their teams achieve their business and human objectives. The Zelros Studio facilitates this collaboration and enables your teams to leverage AI and GenAI with ease.

The Studio fosters an environment where your teams can work autonomously and achieve optimal results. With real-time modifications, you can quickly deploy new content or adjust business rules without any development delays. This significantly reduces time-to-market, allowing for instant updates and adjustments.

A win-win situation, using our expertise leading to faster decision-making and more effective responses to market demands.

DEMO: Discover Our Innovations

Experience our digitalization and process automation innovation firsthand! See how effortlessly you can integrate our API and manage everything from the Zelros Studio. Easily configure and modify workflows for underwriting, handling death and disability claims, health reimbursements, auto claims, compliance, and much more. Adopt new strategies, update business rules, and integrate new partners with ease. The Zelros Studio is simple, transparent, and operates in real-time.


A few months ago, Zelros was recognized by Gartner as a “cool vendor” for its GenAI features, and it’s no accident! Zelros stands out by enabling insurance companies and banks to quickly adapt to changes and enhance their business agility. Thanks to its no-code Studio, business teams can make updates autonomously, streamlining processes and reducing the time needed for a return on investment.

By focusing exclusively on the financial services sector, Zelros ensures its tools are perfectly adapted to this sector needs, whether for compliance or launching new products. This specialization allows for new products to be brought to market in a fraction of the usual time. Moreover, the Studio constantly evolves, integrating the latest technologies to keep its users ahead of the market.

In summary, Zelros is not just a technology provider; it’s a real asset for insurers seeking to gain and maintain a competitive advantage through increased business agility.