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Carriers providing Life or P&C policies trust Zelros recommendations to:

• Assess any data gaps / data integrity issues quickly to ensure consistency and completeness

Strengthen your zero and first-party data with live customer input via simple questions and preferences ‎

• Enrich customer profiles with 3rd party data to obtain a holistic view of the client before recommending products

Activate untapped populations of your customer base with smart segmentation based on lifestyle changes, life events, and potential risks

See Zelros in every step of your acquisition and consumer engagement journeys!

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"Today, OpenAI is leveraging a type of reinforcement learning that uses human feedback to update and refine ChatGPT. And Zelros, an AI-based solution for insurers, is using reinforcement learning to deliver personalized advice to representatives and recommendations to customers"

The Future Of Customer Insights Will Power Next Best Experiences
Forrester Report, 2023

Personalization strengthens sales opportunities across agents and digital channels.


Solution for Agents Distribution

Zelros streamlines the insurance sales process by using its artificial intelligence platform to help agents find the most suitable products for their clients directly within their existing CRM.


Solution for Digital Distribution

Zelros helps your campaign speak your products in consumers’ languages. We fight the insurance protection gap by proactively educating consumers away from buying the lowest-priced coverage to purchasing the best coverage for protection.