Generative AI at the service of insurance agents – Discover Sintra ⛵

Generative AI at the service of insurance agents – Discover Sintra ⛵

By: Domitille Dien, Product Marketing Lead

By: Johana Moreno, Product Lead, Zelros

U.S workers spend an average of 2.9 hours per 8 hour workday doing non-work-related activities*. These tasks, often unrewarding, such as document collection and verification, consume a significant portion of time. Despite their prevalence, these tasks have an immeasurable impact on the business’ bottom lines and core activities and contribute minimally to customer satisfaction. 

However, the landscape is changing with GenAI’s recent evolution and the surge in AI adoption. The insurance industry, from corporates to agencies, is identifying numerous opportunities to use the technology itself. But how exactly ? How to make sure that the prompt results are insurance-centric, relevant and compliant? 

Within this context, Zelros introduces Sintra, a cutting-edge innovation designed to empower insurance agents by integrating an insurance-specialized generative AI into their daily workflows.

Sintra stands out as a beacon of progress for insurance professionals. It offers specialized features, integrated with well-trained Gen AI language models tailored to complex insurance products and highly regulatory environments. At its core, Sintra enables insurance captive & independent agents to serve their policyholders more effectively by providing them with insurance expertise answers and recommendations and automating routine tasks. This initiative not only streamlines processes but also enhances agents’ skills, boosting their productivity and allowing them to concentrate on cultivating trust and relationships with policyholders. Understanding the paramount importance of user experience (71% of respondents in a study* say that their company’s insurance platform would not integrate easily with other IT systems), Zelros releases new product features in collaboration with insurance agents, ensuring a seamless user experience without adding extra complexity to their work.

Discover Sintra: 

  1. Decision Support 

Agents can now obtain instant and reliable answers, eliminating the need to comb through extensive documents. Whether it’s about documentation, procedures, definitions, policyholder information, or a specific policy, Zelros can handle all types of structured and unstructured data to provide the answer, citing its source. Built on an insurance-specialized LLM and explainability frameworks that comply with insurance regulatory guidelines, The Insurance Copilot provides agents with precise and contextually relevant information. This not only streamlines their workflow but also enhances the quality of customer service.

Zelros also simplifies administrators’ roles by offering an intuitive user experience, requiring no coding skills and allowing for real-time adjustments. [e.g: The platform optimizes document preprocessing, transforming content into graphics, headlines, and key points for intelligent analysis and efficient document classification.]

2. Discovery of needs

Zelros equips agents with the tools to efficiently pinpoint their policyholders’ unique needs through targeted questioning and workflows. This aids in the collection of crucial zero-party data about the existing and potential policyholders, such as their home life, habits, and financial projects. This approach tackles a prevalent issue in insurance sales, where vital information is often missed or overlooked due to time constraints or insufficient questioning. By providing real-time analysis of the potential sale opportunity, Zelros empowers agents to offer tailored personalized recommendations to policyholders, thereby reinforcing their role as trusted advisors and proactive partners in their clients’ lives, ensuring that every policyholder receives consistent, high-quality advice and protection. 

3. Voice analyses 

Recognizing the importance of operational efficiency, Zelros incorporates voice analysis technology to capture key insights from conversations between agents and policyholders. 

This feature supports real-time decision-making, offering personalized recommendations, actionable next steps, call summaries, email follow-up, and coaching… throughout the conversation, thereby enhancing the overall sales process. 

4. New geographic and real estate recommendations available in the marketplace

Zelros enhances risk mitigation and personalized advice by incorporating new geographic and real estate recommendations, empowering agents to give precise guidance on property sustainability and climate resilience. This approach boosts policyholder protection, and demonstrates the insurer’s dedication to customer well-being. By analyzing risks tied to real estate assets and locations, Zelros enables unique, tailored recommendations, ensuring policyholders receive services that meet their specific needs. Agents can now use this data to improve safety measures, prevent potential issues, and manage risks more effectively, ensuring both the insurer and policyholders benefit from heightened security and reliability.


Sintra embodies Zelros’s commitment to accompanying the insurance industry on its journey of innovation, utilizing the power of Generative AI. By integrating these features into The Insurance Copilot™, Zelros streamlines agents’ workloads and fosters a culture of satisfaction and loyalty among employees and customers alike. It’s a testament to our dedication to improving the insurance landscape, making it more efficient, responsive, and tailored to the needs of today’s policyholders.

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