Insurance Data Catalog: Even more personalized advice to your policyholders

In insurance distribution, it is imperative to provide relevant advice to meet customer needs. Zelros’ approach is to enable advisors and agents to provide highly personalized advice using Machine Learning algorithms, by understanding policyholders’ expectations and by detecting life events which are related to one or several specific needs (for example, the presence of children in the household). 

Zelros builds its recommendations from all the data which are securely provided by its customers, such as claims history, age group or type of household. The new “Insurance Data Catalog” feature offers the possibility to enrich its models with third party data available on the Zelros platform. For example, we can enrich Zelros life events with the risk of climatic incidents, natural disasters or the level of urbanization.

Indeed, what better than to know whether it is preferable to highlight the 0km assistance because the policyholder is located in a rural area, or rather to suggest the low deductible mirror torn off because the policyholder is located in a dense urban area? The advice becomes particularly adapted to each individual situation, offering a more efficient service, hence a better experience.

Zelros is constantly enriching its life event catalog based on external data. Do not hesitate to contact us for any question