Insurance: Zelros is making its voice heard

Insurance: Zelros is making its voice heard

Zelros invests in new areas of innovation to revive the relationship between insurers and policyholders.

Paris, January 23, 2020 — In 2020, the commitment of Zelros remains the same: to keep innovating in order to revive the experience offered by insurers. After providing them with the tools to analyze all the structured data from their information system, the software provider goes one step further by launching Voice2Insights and Documents2Insights. Two new features of its software that will now allow insurers to perform real-time conversational analysis and automate the document handling process.

Voice2Insights to convert insurers to conversational analysis

By analyzing the policyholder’s “voice” in real time, this decision-support tool based on deep learning algorithms, and integrated into the Zelros solution interface, allows the insurance agent to instantly adapt his/her recommendations to meet the specific needs of its customers in a personalized way.

In addition, the new information collected automatically strengthen the customer knowledge database.

Access to these “unstructured data” is of course previously granted with the policyholder’s consent and in compliance with the GDPR and the IDD (Directive sur la Distribution d’Assurances — Insurance Distribution Directive).

“Voice2Insights enables insurers to offer a unique experience to their customers by integrating — in real time — a fundamental source of information, which until now had been difficult to comprehend and use, due to the lack of know-how and appropriate tools. Now, thanks to the expertise in machine learning and language processing of Zelros’ R&D teams, the insurance professionals can leverage the full value contained in the voice”, explains Christophe Bourguignat, CEO of Zelros.

Documents2Insights to speed up the underwriting process

Identity card, proof of residence, vehicle registration document… So much information entered manually by the management teams of insurers when a new policy is underwritten.

“Data entry is obviously a necessary step in the underwriting phase. However, speeding up and simplifying the process is key to improving the experience of policyholders accustomed to instantaneity in all other aspects of their daily lives”, analyses Christophe Bourguignat.

This is precisely why Zelros have developed the Documents2Insights feature that automatically reads and analyses documents, designed specifically for the insurance world “which, unlike generalist solutions, cross-references information in order to correct and lower the error rate, while complying with regulatory requirements,” continues Christophe Bourguignat.

Based on computer vision, a branch of artificial intelligence, this solution is for example used by AssurOne, the 100% digital insurance broker.

“As a technology partner to insurers and bancassurers, our mission is to constantly push the boundaries of innovation to revive the insurer/policyholder relationship” concludes Christophe Bourguignat.