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Personal Lines

Boost personal lines insurance cross-sell, upsell, and acquisition by increasing higher digital client conversions and agent effectiveness with real-time product recommendations!

Reduce costs
  • Improve sales agent effectiveness and loyalty
  • Reduce the loss ratio with the right risk selection at the point of sale
  • Increase ROI of existing sales tools
Increase revenues
  • Acquire profitable customers
  • Cross and upsell with low acquisition costs
  • Increase online conversion
Delight customers
  • Launch new offers
  • Provide personalized and proactive experience
  • Strengthen retention and loyalty

Lead generation



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Mitigating churn


Right Risk Selection

Personalization at work!

Pumping intelligence. Fuelling sales.

+ 30 %
+ 50 %

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Marketing segmentation

  • Provide contextual customers segmentation based on lifetime value scores
  • Better customer engagement based on propensity score
  • Enable A/B testing to personalize campaigns

Personalized Reach

  • Push relevant messages via email and ad campaigns
  • Provide a consistent omnichannel experience
  • Distribute display ads to increase quote-to-conversion rates

Higher Lead Conversion rate

  • Provide hyper-personalized selling points
  • Launch campaigns quickly
  • Enrich data through the insurance-specific catalog to improve customer loyalty

Onboarding/ up-skilling agents/advisors

  • Onboard new agents/advisors instantly with recommendations
  • Better customer engagement based on propensity score
  • Upskill agents on the existing and new product lines
  • Simplify insurance agents' training on a mass scale

Agent Effectiveness

  • Bridge the gaps between customers and agents by providing a data management platform
  • Prioritize leads with life events and dynamic propensity scores
  • Gain a 360-view of customers

Higher Sales Conversion Rate

  • Boost client acquisition through upselling and cross-selling
  • Support agents with real-time insights
  • Gain valuable business insights with a new generation of reporting

Data enrichment

  • Provide curated third-party data sources complied with GDPR data regulation
  • Enrich customers’ or leads’ profiles and property data with Zelros
  • Improve the risk selection with quality external data
  • Boost revenue streams by discovering customers’ needs and identifying potential customer churn rate

Seamless Integration

  • Operate natively within CRM environment, website, and mobile app
  • Better customer engagement based on propensity score
  • Enable executives with a new level of business performance intelligence that is actionable and contextual; purpose-built for insurance
  • Connect Zelros to your current data tools e.g., Dataiku, Domino to map out the current workflow in a matter of seconds
  • Easy access to the low-code platform allows faster time-to-value to drive innovation

Responsible AI Platform

  • Get the ethical report of your trained model to highlight its potential biases and flaws
  • Monitor the algorithms in production, to keep challenging their behavior and maintain trust
  • Build the AI tool augmenting the user with easy customization and quick iteration


We deliver insurance-specific actionable customer insights leveraging your data and third-party data
We provide Responsible and Trustworthy AI capabilities validated by financial regulators
Using Zelros’ low code platform, our time to market in production at scale is 10X faster than building your own

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