The Matmut Story


About Zelros

Zelros is a recommendation engine specialized in the insurance industry. Leveraging intelligent data, Zelros provides insurers' sales and digital marketing teams with the customer intelligence they need to create proactive and personalized experiences on any channel.

Matmut Key Customer Facts

Matmut, a mutual insurance company, delivers insurance to individuals, professionals, companies, and non-profits organizations with a complete range of:

• Property and personal insurance products (car, motorcycle, home, responsibilities, health, welfare, legal protection...)
• Financial services
• Savings

La Matmut Cloud

Business Challenges

Following their ambition to provide complete coverage to their clients' challenges:

Matmut is building up more indepth ranges of products and creating new lines of business that imply major transformation and new challenges

Blue dots
How to shift from product-centric approach to a customer-centric approach, to better understand the customers with data
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Automation and agility to tailor advisory workflows
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Building an efficient process to deliver collaborative and responsive customer experiences (target audience, messaging, timing, channel delivery)
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Increase the quality and the frequency of contact with customers

Zelros' Solution

Zelros has developed a personalized solution for Matmut

Working hand-in-hand on the configuration of the recommendation engine to fit advisors' and decision team members' needs while being fully integrated to their tools

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Real-time product recommendations with guidance on messaging, and the right questions to ask, helps advisors effectively provide answers quickly. "Being closer to our customers allows us to be more effective"
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Advisor’s skills enhancementㅤㅤㅤㅤ

Zelros allows advisors to focus on subjects that would not have been tackled and develop new business rationale, because of advisors' core business line or because of their level of expertise (novice)
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Workflow integrationㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ

Zelros' direct integration into Matmut's CRM and inhouse tools allowed advisors to benefit from full support, from the first customer touch base to the quote creation, allowing a fluid workflow and advisory experience
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Zelros' Results

The POC (Proof of Concept) was deployed for a year in 4 remote teams in France

Here are the results of 3 of the case studies made during the POC: 
on the advisors, a new line of health insurance, and on the auto risks


Advisors involvement

Beyond the great results of performance with the engine recommendation, Zelros allowed Matmut to actively involve their teams in the construction of the solution which helped the transition and eases the adoption of a new tool, personalized to their needs
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Health Insurance

In the context of the creation of this new business line of health insurance, the advisors relied on Zelros' assistance to support new commercial arguments to develop their selling strategies
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Auto Risk Insurance

Auto insurances, especially when talking about risks, require more proactive decisions from the advisors to benefit their clients. Zelros's solution supported the advisors' decisionmaking process, to help them ask the right question and fasten processes