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About Zelros

Zelros is a recommendation engine specialized in the insurance industry. Leveraging intelligent data, Zelros provides insurers' sales and digital marketing teams with the customer intelligence they need to create proactive and personalized experiences on any channel.

MAIF Key Customer Facts

MAIF is the 6th largest motor insurer in France. It was founded in 1934 by schoolteachers who joined forces to pool the coverage of their automobile risks at a fair and equitable price, free of any commission. MAIF’s mission has always started with care and sympathy. Since then, it has grown and now covers all property and casualty insurance needs of 3.93 million members and legal entities (associations, local authorities).

Regularly praised for its customer relations, MAIF became a company with a mission in 2020, whose raison d’être is to pay sincere attention to others and the world and place it at the heart of each of its commitments and actions.

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Business Challenges

MAIF has based its reputation on the quality of its automobile, daily life and home insurance products

Today, it is also determined to help you build a future wherever risks may lie in wait

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Support advisors in their daily activities to provide them with the tools to be more proactive and personalized with their members
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Provide an efficient and easy quote process to agents through automation
Personalize their offering depending on member’s needs - increase customer retention & satisfaction

“Zelros & MAIF, a partnership aimed to improve customer satisfaction and
retention by taking advantage of modern innovations”

Christine Mathé-Cathala

"The various experiments have confirmed our interest in using artificial intelligence to support our advisors and managers. This gain offered by specialized assistants allows us to be even more dedicated to the personalized support of our members, in their life projects as well as during a claim. With this large-scale deployment, MAIF is taking a further step towards being ever more attentive to the experience of its members."

Christine Mathé-Cathala,
Deputy General Manager of MAIF in charge of Member Relations

Zelros' Solution

Zelros has developed a personalized solution for MAIF

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Enhance advisors’ skills

The tool has already been deployed to all employees within the MAIF sales network. Maif and Zelros worked on several use cases:
- Quotes workflow
- Development of recommendation for new insurance products (electric car)
- Incoming call
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Provide personalized recommendations to members

The tool in its full version, tested by a panel of advisors in 2021, allows it to suggest tailor-made advice and personalized products. Protecting customers with appropriate coverage is a duty for insurers, it comes to understand them better and provide them the right recommendations at the right time.
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Give policyholders access with information at any time easily

Zelros and MAIF develop their own “smart FAQ” to serve better customers’ needs. Based on artificial intelligence, this FAQ is served by NLP search and perfecting the best knowledge to get an answer.
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The ongoing partnership

"We are fortunate to have built the first versions of our recommendation engine with the MAIF teams. We have been guided by the No. 1 in Customer Relations in France for the 18th consecutive year. These 5 years of collaboration have truly forged our vision and our ambition: to help the insurance industry better protect their customers in an increasingly risky world. We are proud to continue this collaboration in the form of this partnership, which will enable us to innovate even more strongly and further for the benefit of all Maif's members."

Damien Philippon

Damien Philippon,
COO and Co-Founder of Zelros

78% visua

In 2021

78% of consumers said that interactions combining AI and humans are more satisfying than human-only interactions. This sentiment is shared by telecommunicators, 78% of whom believe that using AI-based solutions generates a positive impact on their organization (Harvard Business Review and American Stress Institute 2017)

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