Turn Enterprise Data into conversational assistants

  • Rapid Deployment Platform for Intelligent Virtual Assistants

    Use advanced analytics and machine learning like never before.


    We turn legacy enterprise data - e.g. spreadsheets, datawarehouses or documents - into interactive messenger chatbots.


    So long data visualization ! BI analysts and data scientists can now create data conversations to spread strategic findings across organizations, and increase employees productivity.

  • With Zelros solution, we created a direct interaction between operational teams and financial Data

    CFO - Banking Industry

    Zelros helped us to incarnate a new way of using company Data

    Head of Operations - Energy Industry

    A fast and concrete achievement, breaking with traditional Big Data projects

    CIO - Insurance Industry

  • Solutions By Industry

    We have an application template for your business


    • Use disparate data sources (claim, policy, customer, telematic) to build predictive and advanced analytics softwares enhancing your operational efficiency

    • Optimize up-sell, cross-sell, underwriting, claims and fraud management workflows

    • Cover both Property & Casualty and Life & Savings product lines

    Industrial Manufacturing

    • Use data-based intelligence to monitor your production processes
    • Leverage industrial sensors to optimize asset utilization and reduce costs

    • Create actionable predictions to enhance your supply chain workflows

    Energy and Utilities

    • Use IoT sensors and CRM data to create intelligent applications for predictive maintenance and data-driven energy management

    • Build advanced analytics softwares to manage industrial assets and understand customer behaviours

    • Optimize your entire operations with machine learning : production, distribution, sales and trading

  • Solutions By Role

    We have an application template for your job


    • Enhance sharing of your financial data analysis with executive teams

    • Add predictive capabilities to your Order to Cash and Purchase to Pay processes

    • Turn financial insights into support for your business


    • Spread a data culture through the organization with a new breed of software

    • Provide to your internal clients the flexibility of cloud-based secured applications

    • Use predictive analytics to optimize your help desk, network and systems


    • Improve your efficiency by forecasting demand, ressources and stocks

    • Support your customers by anticipating their needs

    • Raise your reactivity with choices based on real-time data

  • Features

    Assistant Templates

    No need to reinvent the wheel : at the core of Zelros is a collection of chatbot templates. Start hacking them for your needs.

    Conversational Bots

    Bring A.I. into your apps, for a friendly messaging experience. Use our bots to make users access your predictions and findings in natural language.

    Enterprise-grade Security

    Your corporate Data is critical. On the cloud, or on premises, Zelros Bridge natively embeds security needed to talk with your data and your users with confidence.

    Open Connectors

    Zelros can be fully connected with your corporate data sources (SAP, SGBD, Salesforce, ...) and professional instant messengers (Skype for Business, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Hangout, ...)

  • We are hiring !

    Software Engineers, Data Scientists

  • About Zelros

    Impactful Data Science

    Our vision

    Zelros was founded with the vision that Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are profoundly changing the world. Algorithmic business will become the biggest competitive differentiator between companies in the next three to five years.


    To embrace this revolution, organizations must reinvent how they are running their business. They need new breeds of softwares, new talents, new approaches to define problems and to solve them.


    At Zelros, our mission is to help our customers succeed in this journey.

  • Founding Team

    Christophe Bourguignat


    With 16+ years of experience, Christophe started his career in a fast growing tech startup in the Telecom industry. There, he led a R&D team and launched several products. He then joined the AXA Data Innovation Lab at its creation, leading a team of data science engineers.


    Christophe is one of the top french data scientist on Kaggle. As a thought leader, he likes sharing its vision in conferences, on its blog, and on twitter. He also founded frenchdata.fr, an influent place promoting the french data scene.

    Fabien Vauchelles


    Fabien is an experienced software developer and serial entrepreneur. He was an independent contractor for 9 years and has worked many years for the automotive industry. Today, he designs fullstack products based on Machine Learning.

    Fabien is also an expert in webscraping (unstructured data extraction) and created Scrapoxy, the dedicated proxy for scrapers.

    Damien Philippon


    Damien has 16+ years of experience in transformation programs. He spent 10 years in a leading IT company dealing with software engineering and systems integration programs. He knows by heart the foundations of an information systems, and the proper way to serve business expectations. As an entrepreneur, he co-developed a management consulting company up to 50+ M€.


    Damien has a broad international exposure, he lived for 2 years in India, he enjoys cultural differences and his beliefs are open innovation and collective intelligence.

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