Pumpkin Spice


Group 317

Accelerate risk assessment and selection at the point of sale

Accelerate risk assessment and selection at the digital and on-site points of sale for agents and customers. This new risk evaluation capability allows for insurance distributors to carefully select risks while ensuring the customer receives the coverage they need.

Automate upsell and cross-sell recommendations

Zelros’ insurance product catalog can now generate automatic upsell and cross sell recommendations. Zelros segments customer lists using rules-based capabilities, automatically identifies the protection gaps customers have, and proactively recommends the right policies.

Recommendation flow

Create simple recommendations

Zelros’ no-code administrative console offers a workflow feature that is more intuitive and easy to use than ever before. Now, non-technical users can create recommendations three times faster while personalizing messaging and questions to guide the agent conversation. It’s a recommendation advantage that helps capture more zero-party data and relevant insights to better serve customers.

Benefit from our ISO 27001 certification

Zelros is now ISO 27001 certified! Our information security management system is now compliant with best-in-class security standards.