at Zelros

Zelros is convinced that success is the result of a collective effort and that teams’ diversity is essential to team performance

Solution Engineer

Our solution engineers support customers in the deployment of our solutions.
They also promote the AI culture into the customers’ organisation, helping them in their transformation journey.
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Head of Data Science

Our data scientist engineers are responsible for developing our Zelros product. Their main technical challenges: adapting our AI models to the insurance specificities, managing our product scalability, and ensuring data security.
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CEO & co-founder

Zelros develops a software product based on Artificial Intelligence which enables insurance players to offer a fluid and personalized experience throughout the customer journey, from product and services selling to customer service.
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Account Executive

At Zelros, we thrive when our people thrive. To put our products and solutions into the hands of insurers, we need professionals who knows how to connect. Account executives are the leading force that fuels our growing client relationships. A high level of foresight and meticulous analysis is what will take Zelros confidently into the future.
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