ReInsurer & Insurtech: streamline underwriting with Real-time risk assessment

ReInsurer & Insurtech: streamline underwriting with Real-time risk assessment

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Colin has been working at SCOR for the last 19 years. He has held multiple leadership roles in all aspects of Life Underwriting, and he is now the global head of underwriting and claims. Originally from Cork, Ireland, he traveled a great deal, Colin worked in the UK,Ireland, France, in the United States (Charlotte), and now lives and works from Montreal Canada.

Responsible for the direct supervision of SCOR’s Underwriting and Claims functions globally, his primary duties are risk management of medical underwriting and claims, operational efficiencies,  continuous improvement of SCOR’s underwriting claims manuals (SOLEM), and participation in underwriting and claims innovation initiatives.

Listen in to this episode to learn about:


  • How the insurance underwriting process has changed in the last few years – in favor of the consumer.
  • How data privacy regulations are different across different markets, and the implications for insurance businesses operating in different markets
  • How the ecosystem of Insurtech companies, re-insurance, and insurance businesses all function to boost the customer experience.
  • How insurance companies can ease and foster the underwriting processes, withbiological age modeling for example
  • Stick around until the end to hear about what risk scoring is all about and how it’s accelerating the efficiency of underwriting.