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Zelros for Customer Service
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case 01

Medical selection automation for Life Disability Insurance

Tier 1 bancassurer
Life disability insurance cover
100,000 subscriptions per year
Increase the number of subscriptions automatically accepted, and reduce decision time to avoid customer drop out
Complement existing basic decision rules with advanced machine learning decisions
Use AI to assist underwriting doctors in making decisions on complex cases
Explainable machine learning model trained on Zelros platform on a history of 40,000 anonymized cases
IT integration through API for automation
Zelros App for underwriting doctors


4x increase in the subscription automation rate

93% accuracy in decision

Improved customer satisfaction and operational efficiency

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case 02

Automating and accelerating the motor insurance underwriting process

Leading French digital broker
Car insurance product
Customer Service agents process hundreds of underwriting documents every day
Transform and accelerate the underwriting processes by automating document reading and analysis, including fraud detection
Free agents' time from repetitive tasks and enable them to focusing on the quality of customer service
AI reading, analysis and extraction of key fields from car insurance specific documents
Injection of the data into the client database for process automation
Processed documents include passports, ID, driving licence, car registration documents, subscription forms, accident reports etc


40%+ subscriptions already automated

Ambition to move to 100% digital underwriting process and 100% focus on customer experience

Processing time for vehicle registration document decreased from 3 minutes to few seconds