for Sales

The Right Advice - In Real-Time

Our world is changing fast. Customers’ needs evolve over their lifetime and they expect personalized insurance products.
Zelros for Sales provides your advisors and policyholders with in-depth advice, and helps them choose the right cover for their needs - in real-time.
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+ 50 %
+ 20 %
Conversion Rates
x 8
Return On Investment

Insights for empathy

Use structured and unstructured data to dynamically update life events and guide the advisor in discovering the needs

Instant recommendations

Provide relevant product recommendations along with personalized selling points

Unsupervised learning

Automatically capture client interaction and learn from every data point for continuous system improvement

CRM enrichment

Incorporate insights from the policyholder's requests into the CRM to facilitate up-selling and cross-selling
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Zelros for Customer Service

Expert Decisions - Instantly

Each interaction with your customers is an opportunity to delight them and strengthen their loyalty. Zelros for Customer Service provides your contact center representatives and policyholders with automated suggestions to make the most accurate decisions - within seconds.
40 %
Customer request processing time reduction
+ 55 %
Subscriptions handled automatically
x 5
Return On Investment

Contextualised knowledge

Get immediate qualification of client requests and predictions of complexity, risk of fraud, severity level...

Instant recommendations

Guide your agent along the whole service process by providing recommendations on the Next Best Action to be undertaken

Self-supervised automation

Automatically capture all the decisions made by the agents and learn from them to automate tasks with confidence

CRM enrichment

Incorporate insights from customer requests into the CRM to reveal up-selling and cross-selling opportunities