Leads Factory

Serve The Most Promising Leads - Efficiently

Insurance advisors need to prioritize those opportunities which are most likely to transform into new business.
Zelros Leads Factory provides an intelligent handling of your omnichannel lead flows and outgoing interactions.
+ 20 %
Lead Conversion rate
x 3
querying a bill

Needs Discovery and Advice

Give The Right Advice - In Real Time

Customers’ needs evolve over their lifetime and they expect personalized insurance products.
Zelros Needs Discovery and Advice provides your advisors and policyholders with in-depth advice, and helps them choose the right cover for their needs - in real-time.
+ 50 %
+ 20 %
Conversion Rate

Underwriting Automation

Complete New Policy Underwriting - Within Seconds

Customers are expecting a fast and frictionless policy underwriting experience.
Zelros Underwriting Automation enables a fully automated subscription process, without compromising on fraud detection.
Man depositing check by phone in the restaurant
+ 55 %
Subscriptions handled automatically
75 %
Reduction in subscription delay